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Beijing North Star Industrial Group
With ten years of time-honored history, Beijing North Star Industrial Group has been developing steadily, while focusing on economic returns and insisting on the principle of enhancing company value and maximizing shareholder value in face of drastic changes in the market and intensified competition. The Company keeps improving its professional management and capitalizes on its advantages in economies of scale, resource integration and talents, as well as deepening capital operation and optimizing investment structure to upgrade both its professional management ability and core competitiveness. The Company's three principal operations, namely property development, property investment and retail business, have developed significantly in recent years.

Beijing North Star Company Limited (BNS) was established by Beijing North Star Industrial Group Company, in Beijing on 2nd April 1997.

The basic operation strategy of the Company is having the property investment and retail operation as a base of steady revenue and the property development business as its platform for profit growth.

The property development business consists of the investment, development and construction of a diversified range of property projects, including middle-to-high-end residence, apartments, villas and office buildings.

The property investment operation involves primarily the operation and management of a self-owned integrated property portfolio located in the Asian Games Village, with a gross floor area (GFA) of 470,000sqm. After the 2008 Olympics, the Company's existing and added property investment will be close to 1 million sqm. Such investment properties include convention centers, hotels, apartments and office buildings.

With Beichen Shopping Center as the base, the Company will move towards specialization in chain supermarkets, department stores and shopping malls.

With its advantages in integrated operations management, the Company undertakes the development of the Beijing Olympic Park National Convention Center project and the Olympic Media Village project, thus becoming the only property developer in China with two Olympic projects in hand.

By 31st December 2006, the Company had total assets of RMB 14.6 billion, net assets of RMB 8 billion, and over 2 million sqm of land reserve, making it one of the largest integrated property companies in China.

  North Star Group
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