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Green Design & Construction

     Central Vacuum Cleaning System
     The longest central vacuum cleaning system in China with 15.8km internal pipeline
     High powered suction minimizes noise and pollution from dust particles
     Smell from waste is contained in the enclosed cleaning system
     Cross contamination from varying types of waste is effectively avoided
     The waste gas purification device delivers an air quality that meets the international environmental protection  requirements  
    Kitchen Waste Vacuum Collection 
    The first kitchen waste vacuum collection system in Beijing
    Kitchen waste will be compressed and vacuum packed before entering the cleaning system pipeline
    The longest pipeline system (1.3km) covers all kitchens, pantries and service areas, function halls, restaurants, canteen and shops in the entire CNCC Complex.
    Outlet air from the system is purified to meet the international environmental protection requirements.
   Rainwater Recycling 
     The Siphonic roof drainage system is designed for efficient rainwater collection over the 60,000O roof area
    The 7,000m3 of rainwater in the 9 underground collection pools will water the plants in the lower level garden
   Natural  Ventilation design 
    The foyer and the main exhibition hall are designed as natural ventilation areas
    Electrically controlled windows installed on the curtain wall at the west of the building vary the ventilation levels according to temperatures inside the halls
    Lower ground level entrance through gardens to the east of the building cools the area
     50 days of natural air-conditioning in one year will achieve an annual energy saving of 380,000 kilowatt-hours  

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