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January is China National Convention Center¨s ^Busiest month of the Year ̄

January is proving to be the China National Convention Center’s busiest month of the year and a total of 116 events were held in the first month of the New Year 2011; almost double the number held in January 2010 when there were 70 events.  These events included 27 conferences with more than 700 delegates and one exhibition with 30,000 attendees.  
Mr. Liu HaiYing, General Manager of China National Convention Center (CNCC) said, “This is the second January we have experienced since we opened our business and in this month we increased our total number of events by 46.  As January is the most popular month for company annual meetings, I believe we will do better year after year as our venue becomes established as a key prestigious location within our city for this type of event.”  
For the first full year of operation from 1st January to 31st December 2010, CNCC was the venue of choice for 663 events attended by more than 717,000 people; including 14 international exhibitions with 102,800 visitors and 54 international conferences with 74,658 delegates of which 21 qualified for ICCA statistics due to the rotation criteria.  The most popular months for international events, as for other locations worldwide, remain October and September with June increasingly being requested.  
Within China CNCC has led the way with the environmental features of the venue design and growing experience of international standard work practices in the convention industry.  As active members of ICCA, AIPC and IAEE CNCC is keen to learn from international best practice standards and focus on developing venue services geared towards the international market.  Commenting on the annual figures Mr Liu stated “I am proud to add that in 2010 we successfully hosted two internationally recognised green events – the INTEL Developer Forum (IDF) 2010 and Oracle Open World 2010.”   
He continued “Our goal is to offer a bridge of communication to the rest of the world; to exchange information with international organizers and offer guidance on how they can bring their events to China.  We welcome feedback and in 2010 instigated client feedback surveys, as well as internal surveys of the 1,200 staff, both run by independent market research companies – this is a really new step for convention venues in China”  
Highlights of CNCC’s First Year:
Green Events:

1.      Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2010 with 4,500 delegates on 08-15 April 2010
2.      Oracle Open World Beijing 2010 with 7,000 delegates on 12-16 December 2010  
Association Events – selected from a total of 30 international association events
1.      20th Conference of the Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver (APASL) with 3,500 delegates on 22-28 March 2010
2.      19th Congress of the International Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions with 1,500 delegates on 31st may -06 June 2010
3.      The World Cardiology Congress 2010 with 10,245 delegates on 17-20 June 2010
4.      Tiantan International Stroke Conference 2010 with 5,000 delegates on 22-27 June 2010
5.      The 29th ISME (International Society for Music Education) World Conference with 5,000 delegates on 31st July – 07 August 2010
6.      China Heart Congress & International Heart Forum Beijing 2010 with 3,000 delegates on 12-15 August 2010
7.      World Psychiatric Association International Congress 2010 (WPA) with 2,000 delegates on 1-5 September
8.      The 25th Congress of the Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology with 5,000 delegates on 13-20 September
9.      The 21st Great Wall Congress of Cardiology with 5,000 delegates on 11-17 October 2010
10.  The 7th World Congress on High Speed Rail (UIC Highspeed 2010) with 2,400 delegates on 7-9 December 2010  
Corporate Events – selected from a total of 251 events
1.      2010 Microsoft Tech.Ed with 5,500 delegates on 1-3 December 2010
2.      APJ SAP FKOM 2010 with 1,500 delegates on 16-22 January 2010
3.      Nokia Annual Meeting with 2,000 delegates on 21-22 January 2010
4.      Ericsson China Annual Meeting with 2,500 delegates on 3-5 February 2010
5.      Lenovo Products Group Conference with 1,200 delegates on 18-21 April 2010
6.      Coco-Cola Night with 1,000 delegates on 19-21 July 2010  

Exhibitions – selected from a total of 58 shows
1.      CIBTM China Incentive, Business Travel & Meetings Exhibition 2010 with 4,000m2 on 31 August – 2 September attended by 4,000 visitors
 2.      The 3rd China International Copyright Expo with 11,000m2 on 18-21 November attended by 4,000 visitors
3.      Modern railways 2010 exhibition for the 7th world congress on high speed rail with 22,000m2 on 6-9 December attended by 8,000 visitors
4.      Water Expo China 2010 with 11,000m2 on 15-19 November 2010 attended by 10,000 visitors
5.      The 15th China International Pharmaceutical Industry Exhibition with 22,000m2 on 23-30 October 2010
6.      The First Asia-Pacific Interior Design Fair with 22,000m2 on 7-11 October 2010 attended by 3,000 visitors
7.      The 21st International Conference and Fair For Measurement Instrumentation and Automation 2010 with 28,500m2 on 4-9 September 2010 attended by 8,000 visitors
8.      China-HOSPEQ 2010 with 22,000m2 on 16-21 August 2010 attended by 6,000 visitors
 9.      Wind Power Asia 2010 with 22,000m2 on 21-25 June 2010 attended by 5,000 visitors
10.  SINO-Dental 2010 with 30,000m2 on 7-12 June 2010 attended by 60,000 visitors
11.  AchemAsia 2010 with 16,500m2 on 30 May to 4 June 2010 attended by 5,000 visitors
12.  The 15th China International Exhibition For Green Building Materials with
13,750m2 on 11-15 May 2010 attended by 2,000 visitors 13.  AQUATECH CHINA 2010 with 4,000m2 on 29 March to 2 April 2010 attended by 4,000 visitors
14.  22nd International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition - CHINA-MED with 28,500m2 on 23-28 March 2010 attended by 20,000 visitors  
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