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CNCC successfully hosted 2021 Alibaba Cloud Summit and Alibaba Cloud for Developer Conference
Recently, the 2021 Alibaba Cloud Summit and Alibaba Cloud for Developer Conference came to a successful conclusion at the CNCC. Alibaba has become an "old friend" of the CNCC for four times.
The summit covers three parts, including "2021 Alibaba Cloud Summit", "Alibaba Cloud for Developers Conference" and "Alibaba Cloud Partners Solutions Conference". Multiple breakout sessions were performed at the same time. The Summit requires the service mode of high frequency and high flexibility. “CNCC speed" was once again presented, which ensured the successful conclusion of the first three conferences held at the same time.
The early communication was inconvenient because the sponsor and the organizer were not in Beijing. In order to break through the barriers of time and space, the project leaders of CNCC sales department and coordination department flexibly adopted the online connecting mode and formed a dozen WeChat work groups according to different sectors, including the site adjustment, catering demands, VIP walking routes, meeting setting, entry and exit times, etc.  
It is worth mentioning that the task of turning work of the summit is arduous. On the day of the event, on the same site of the venue, the operation team used the free time between the conferences to turn the Ballroom from the classroom form for 3000 people in the morning into the theater form for 1800 people in the afternoon. After the conference, the Ballroom was converted into the banquet form for 660 people at full speed. Moreover, in the morning of the next day, the Ballroom became the whole theatre form for 2800 people after all night cooperation. Three successful turnovers in two days were completed in advance within the time required by the customer. This is not only a perfect interpretation of the "CNCC Speed", but also highly praised by the organizers, whose staff call it "amazing".
Every event is a starting point, every activity is a test, and every praise is a trust. CNCC has always maintained the "empty cup mentality", adhering to the service concept of "strictly abide by the requirements of epidemic prevention and control and perfectly meet the needs of customers", and ensured the successful conclusion of the largest industrial summit after the epidemic. Serve every customer with great care and regard the process as the precious wealth. In this way, CNCC will continue to innovate with dedication, excelsior and endeavor.
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