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China Internet Conference was held at CNCC successfully
 "New Stage, New Philosophy, New Pattern -- Internet Leads High Quality Development of Digital Economy. "

The 2021 (20th) China Internet Conference (CIC) was held at CNCC on July 13, with a duration of 3 days.

Organized by the Internet Society of China (ISC), the China Internet Conference (CIC) is a well-known industry conference of China's Internet industry, which has been successfully held for 19 editions. With its high standard and quality, the conference has now become the largest, most professional and most valuable Internet industry event in China!

Exhibition SceneThe conference gave full play to the diversified utilization of the venue of the CNCC, using Plenary Hall A as the exhibition hall, Plenary Hall B as the main conference space, and the third floor north as the sub-venue. The conference invited a number of ministerial leaders, experts, scholars and industry leaders related to the Internet industry to conduct a lot of high-quality discussions regarding current hot topics, development highlights and social responsibilities.

Exhibition SupportAt the request of the organizer and the co-organizer, the coordination department, together with the colleagues of the banquet department, designed several set-up proposals for the guest and adjusted the set-up of the main conference room three times; more than 50 sofas in Function Hall A as VIP room were changed positions according to the adjustment in the main conference space. The task of table turnovers is arduous, but CNCC staff devote themselves to it, and made efforts to achieve a better result of the conference.

On July 12, there was a sudden heavy rain in Beijing. The security department and the construction service department held a working meeting on epidemic prevention and safety, gave valuable guidance to the organizer and the co-organizer, formulated an emergency plan and took a variety of measures, to ensure the smooth progress of the conference and the safe and orderly entry of the participants.

All CNCC departments act with unity to serve every event!


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