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CNCC offers ^World-class Service ̄ for CIFTIS
The 2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) opened on September 2. China National Convention Center (CNCC) provided services for important events during CIFTIS, such as the Global Trade in Services Summit, more than 100 forums and business talks, comprehensive exhibitions, and press centers, as well as catering, accommodation and other support services for participating guests and journalists. CNCC formulates exclusive service plans for CIFTIS to ensure the provision of first-class software and hardware services.

Strengthen Precaution and Check on All People, Items and Environment

Under the regular epidemic prevention and control, CNCC has upgraded its venue prevention and control plan timely and effectively. CNCC strengthens precaution and check on all people, items and environment , and carries out high-frequency environmental nucleic acid testing on key points such as exhibition halls, conference rooms, door handles, faucets, elevators and restrooms. All entrances and exits, meeting rooms, elevators and dining areas of the venue are equipped with disposable gloves, disposable medical masks, hand sanitizers and other epidemic prevention materials. CNCC strictly implements CDC standards to disinfect and sterilize all items before entering the venue, and ensure all items traceable, and ensure the absolute safety of the environment, personnel, and items.
All employees of CNCC participating in service for CIFTIS were fully vaccinated. These staff also regularly undergoes nucleic acid testing, to create a safe environment for all participating guests.

Convey the Innovative Development Attitude of Events Industry

As the main venue of the 2021 CIFTIS, CNCC not only undertakes the service support task, but also gets deeply involved in the overall planning of conferences and forums, the selection and management of conferences and forums organizers, under the lead of Beijing Capital Group Exhibitions & Events. Meanwhile, CNCC also participates in various activities with multiple roles.
Firstly, as the host, CNCC participated in organizing the special forum of The Third UBBS Business Service Brand Festival 2021 – Exhibitions and Events Forum with the theme of “The Digital Transformation and Development of Events Industry under the New Normal”. The nine speakers are from domestic and international events industry, multinational business service companies and flagship technology companies, especially those enterprises that have made outstanding achievements in the digital transformation. The forum aims to conduct all-round and multi-dimensional exchanges and sharing, to accelerate the digital transformation of events industry, to build digital industry chain and to cultivate digital events ecology. The forum were broadcasted at 13:00 p.m. on September 6, 2021, at the official website and APP of CIFTIS, the video account of North Star Group on WeChat, and the video account of CNCC on WeChat.
Secondly, CNCC participated in the achievements release conference of CIFTIS. As the first domestic events enterprise to start cultural and creative business, CNCC will accelerate the pace of transformation and convey the innovative development attitude of China's events industry, through the platform of the CIFTIS.

Organize and Arrange with Greater Perfection

CNCC provides efficient and professional services with high standard always. Before the CIFTIS, the venue completed all-round maintenance, upgrading and inspection of facilities and equipment. Relevant support personnel have completed seven courses of 7847 trainings including English and advanced service etiquette, etc.; drills were carried out for each detail of the service, and the schemes were refined according to different scenarios, so as to ensure that all links were accurate and smoothly connected. Considering that journalists need to visit "two venues", CNCC also provides them a variety of catering choices like buffet and meal kit, etc.
CNCC makes all efforts to the service support during CIFTIS, improves the experience of exhibitors and visitors, and assists CIFTIS to be "the World’s most influential and the first-class international fair for trade in services".

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