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CNCC won ^The 2021 CIFTIS Award of Service Demonstration Case on Development Potential ̄
  On September 4, the Service Demonstration Case Award Ceremony of the 2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services (2021 CIFTIS) was held at China National Convention Center (CNCC). After careful evaluation by experts in related industries and fields, ten enterprises including CNCC won "The 2021 CIFTIS Award of Service Demonstration Case on Development Potential ".
This is the second honor after CNCC won the “The 2019 CIFTIS Award of China Service Practice Case". Moreover, it is the acknowledgement of the efforts and achievements, which CNCC made in the innovation development process.
Award Introduction
The Award of Service Demonstration Case was set since the fourth CIFTIS in 2016. The 2021 CIFTIS sets up six Awards, including Chinese Service Practice Cases, Global Service Practice Cases, and Service Demonstration Cases on Technological Innovation / Business Model Innovation / Green Development / Development Potential. By the selection of excellent service cases, it aims to highlight the development trends of the industry, display the achievements of technological innovation, focus on the leading roles of new models, new services and new formats, promote the innovative development of service trade, and enhance the exchange and cooperation of international service trade.
  Empowering Through Technology and Promoting Comprehensive Upgrading
CNCC creates value with outstanding services and down-to-earth approach, and ranks high in the events enterprises in the aspect of innovation.
In recent years, CNCC has actively explored the market development trends, kept up with the industry development, and launched application projects such as online viewing, online table setting, and VR panoramic function, etc. Moreover, CNCC has opened a 24-hour ‘For U’ smart store to integrate the customized food and cultural and creative series of CNCC into the new business format. CNCC has upgraded the security system to manage the visitor flow.
CNCC upgrades the venue through digital transformation. CNCC provide customers with professional one-stop event service solutions.
New opportunities bring new challenges, and once again, CNCC stands at a new starting point! CNCC actively improves service quality and establishes new service support systems. CNCC introduces new retail and creates new service scenes. CNCC incorporates new technologies, accelerates the establishment of a digital development framework, utilizes the momentum powered by the big data era, seizes new opportunities in the development of the events industry, and actively creates a "New Intelligent Benchmark" of the events industry.
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